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Presenting, preserving & protecting your collection


We are pioneers and industry leaders in high-quality museum display solutions, serving customers worldwide for many decades. We offer a wide range of solutions, from modular and tailored cases to total fit-out.

We translate your vision into a structural & technical design. Based on your requirements, our team of creative and highly skilled experts will work with you to help shape the solutions to best present, preserve & protect your collection.

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Made to order display cases

Depending on the dimensions & conservation requirements, our display case experts can advise on a suitable design and opening mechanism.

INFINITY modular showcase system

The Infinity showcase system is both modular and demountable, ideal for changing exhibtions. The system is expertly designed to offer great flexibility and versatility in terms of display options, whilst conforming to high conservation and security standards.

Custom design & fitout solutions

Thanks to the numerous projects we’ve handled over the years, we are continuously gaining experience and building knowledge, which allows us to bring your vision to life.

State of the art display cases for the diaries of Anne Frank.

State of the art display cases for the diaries of Anne Frank.

As of June 2018, the original diaries of Anne Frank will be kept in brand new display cases. The Anne Frank House has had them built in order to preserve the fragile paper for as long as possible. In a stable, cool environment. Because the display cases are state of the art.
Article by Bart Ankersmit

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Conservation & security study for The Ghent Altarpiece

Conservation & security study for The Ghent Altarpiece

The restoration of The Ghent Altarpiece started at Ghent’s Museum of Fine Arts in October 2012. The restoration is executed by the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage in the very heart of the museum. After the restoration, the altarpiece returned to St Bavo's Cathedral.

The challenge was to meet conservation and security requirements and to create a controlled museum environment within the cathedral. How do you control humidity and temperature in a cathedral and at the same time, protect the altarpiece from direct sunlight and burglary?

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