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The showcase design and materials should complement the architecture as well as the objects inside. The selected materials are both aesthetically and functionally a very important aspect of showcase design.

There are different internal elements that can be considered for use within the showcase that will help to present objects of varying size and character in different kinds of showcases, adding to the visitor’s experience.

Through working with various architects and interior designers as well as layout teams from the museums, we have developed many different solutions to position objects closer to the visitor within the display case.

Both transparent as well as solid elements can help to create an interesting depth and style of presentation within the cases.


The extra white glass used in our display cases is of high optical purity and low iron content.

Depending on your situation we might advise the option of using anti-reflective glass. Using anti-reflective glass will ensure maximum transparency and minimizing reflections, therefore ensuring optimal viewing experience


Lighting is crucial in presenting your artefacts and artworks. It offers the opportunity to lift your exhibition to the next level and when executed well, contributes to the visitor’s experience as well as helps telling the story of your collection. Therefore it is crucial to spend enough attention and resources on this challenging and complex topic.
The choice of lighting depends on many factors:

  • Layout of the exhibition
  • Intended effect of the lighting & overall design
  • Sensitivity of the displayed objects
  • Type of objects
  • Focus on using mixed media.
  • Available budget
  • Maintenance

There is never a "perfect" solution, but merely a balancing act to be performed between all these different parameters.

Over the years we have surrounded ourselves with reliable and qualitative partnerships. We are ready to offer advice whenever it is needed.


In order to enhance the visitor experience, one could consider the use of multimedia in the exhibition. This can be applied in many ways, such as projections, interactive applications or hand-held devices that can provide additional and specific information to the public.

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