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The humidity level in the display case should follow the conservation requirements for the object. The required humidity level can be achieved through a passive approach by using desiccant material such as artsorb or probsorb (see image). Passive climate control relies upon the natural circulation of air within a case. The artsorb/prosorb cassettes are placed in a compartment underneath the display case and are accessible via a removable plinth.

Alternatively, you could consider an active approach by using an automatic device.
What solutions is best for your particular situation depends on the artefacts itself and the environment. We are happy to advise on a suitable solution.

Air tightness

The Air Exchange Rate  (AER) is expressing the amount of (%) air renewal over one day. An AER of 0.1 means that 10% of the air is being renewed per day. What AER is appropriate for your situation, depends on the conservation requirements of the object.

During the quality control at the end of the assembly, an AER test is performed on each case.


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are harmful molecules that can be found in some materials and finishes such as wood, sealants or paint. In order to keep the level of VOC’s below the international standards, each material and finish is tested by an independent laboratory. Additionally, material and finishes can be tested using the Oddy-method. For more information, contact our experts.

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