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Yekaterinenburg - Russia

Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center

The museum and collection

The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Centre (BYPC), situated in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, comprises a museum, exhibition and conference centre, as well as a branch of the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library. The BYPC seeks to promote the development of civil society, democratic institutions, the rule of law and the institution of the Russian presidency. Its mission is to preserve, research and present the legacy of Boris Yeltsin – the first president of the Russian Federation.   

The assignment

For the entrance, we integrated a curved glass wall that acts as a large trophy case within a semi-circular architectural space that measures 12m in diameter. Nine halls were completely furnished with Meyvaert display cases, displaying objects of major historical and global importance, such as documents, letters, books, flags and awards. A famous statement issued by the former president Michail Gorbatsjov is presented in a unique sandblasted and edge lit showcase. Moreover, even the nuclear codes of the historical Cold War period are safely kept and presented in a Meyvaert display case!  


Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center


Custom Design





Type of museum

Biographical Museum


Curved glass wall, showcases

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