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Gallop House

The museum and collection

With a rich history and a plant collection of worldwide significance, the Singapore Botanic Gardens educate visitors about forest ecology and the importance of conservation. Two colonial era bungalows have been converted into the Gallop Extension to become Singapore’s first permanent exhibition of botanical art. The galleries showcase forest ecosystems with the aid of interactive displays and videos. Visitors can admire over 2000 botanical illustrations, as well as loans from other museums.

The assignment

Meyvaert supplied 15 wall cases, 23 bespoke table cases and 1 case integrated into an antique stained wooden table. The series of table cases is fitted with tiltable support structures. Meyvaert coordinated the manufacture of these structures with a local supplier.

During the design phase, the shallowness of the wall cases presented two challenges. One was the placement of the RH buffer material in such a way that it remains unseen. Next was finding a light source with minimal depth to illuminate flat objects. Meyvaert and the designers compared several lighting options and combinations on prototypes until a satisfactory solution was achieved.

To further ensure that visitors can appreciate the details of the artefacts in the best conditions, all display cases are equipped with extra white, anti-reflective glass. 

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Gallop House


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39 Bespoke cases

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