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London - United Kingdom

Kensington Palace

Table case

The museum and collection

In this Royal Palace we had to work in the same building where many of the younger royals currently live and raise their families. The galleries that are now the exhibition space were once the living quarters of Queen Victoria’s family. 

The assignment

We designed 35 cases with timber cladding to fit in this historic building. The exhibition tells the story of Queen Victoria, her life as a young queen, her loving relationship with her husband Prince Albert, their children and her sadness upon the death of Prince Albert. 

The project: challenges & results

The design of the timber mouldings and structures of the cases needed to reflect the traditional feel of the surrounding building but all aspects of the cases needed to match modern conservation and security standards. The case that housed queen Victoria’s wedding dress has mirrors on 3 sides and had to fit into a recess. This recess was uneven and the case had to be able to fit within the recess, but the sides needed to be parallel to enable the multiple reflections of the dress. 

Museum display caseMuseum showcaseRound table case museum and freestanding casesDesk caseMuseum display case in doorway

Kensington Palace


Custom Design


United Kingdom



Type of museum

Royal Palace


Opera NL


35 bespoke cases

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