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Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

The museum and the collection

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum is located in an iconic rock-like building at the National University of Singapore. The museum presents Singapore’s first and only permanent natural history exhibition, where visitors can experience the wonder and diversity of South-East Asia’s natural history, including some of the most amazing specimens collected in the region. The highlight of the collection are the near-complete fossils of three giant sauropods in the Dinosaur Zone.

The assignment

We were appointed to supply and install museum-grade showcases. These had to meet the following performance specifications:

  • visible structures kept to a minimum, thus creating a pleasurable visitor experience 
  • access and fitting conform to rigorous conservation requirements
  • aesthetically pleasing

The project: challenges & result

The extraordinary showcases produced for this museum include a large freestanding case with a pull-out display board, a wall case with a top-hinged opening mechanism and a freestanding case with an extra-wide hinged door.

“Throughout the project Meyvaert deployed a professional approach to supply us with bespoke showcases, while making as much use as possible of their standard solutions at a competitive pricing.”
Dr Tan Swee Hee, Associate Director, Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, National University of Singapore

Recessed wall caseRecessed wall case

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum


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