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Marseille - France


The museum and collection

Mucem, the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations, is a national museum located in Marseille, France. It forms a cultural bridge between the two shores of the Mediterranean. Fort Saint Jean offers over almost 5000 m2 of exhibition space for permanent collections. Visitors can also take a tour in the Mediterranean garden. 

The assignment

Meyvaert’s contribution to this project is the complete fit-out of  the Fort Saint-Jean site, a monument dating from the 12th century. For us, this project represents a series of superlatives: the most complex, the most challenging, the largest doors, the most detailed but ultimately one of the most beautiful ever made in our company history.

Taking us out of our comfort zone of the classic showcase, we designed over 25 unique creations for a site that had very limited access. The concept of showcases had to be reinvented: there are glass spaces each with their own technical complexity, doors of over 4 meters high, an outdoor-indoor display case that does not have a single straight side and which is covered in mirrors, a chromed showcase on a polyurethane base that is also a sculpture.

The project: challenges & result

To meet the wishes of the designer, Meyvaert reinvented itself to accomplish the mutual mission: a unique and valuable site with an intense history and a bright future.




Custom Design





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Zette Cazalas, Zen+dCo


25 bespoke cases, fitout

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