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Peranakan Museum

Large table case

The museum and collection

Peranakans are an ethnic group descended from Chinese settlers. The Peranakan Museum is a sister museum to the Asian Civilisations Museum and is housed in the Old Tao Nan School building since 1996.

The museum houses a large number of objects related to the history of the Chinese presence in the wider region. It tells the story of civilisations coming together and their growth towards co-existence. A large number of interactive elements were incorporated within the concept of the storytelling, and a large space for temporary exhibitions was included in the project.

The assignment

The 1995-1996 project

The museum aimed for qualified suppliers, and therefore only a limited number of companies passed the pre-selection phase.  There was a pre-tender exercise where all aspects of working methods and references had to be well described. This was followed by a formal tender. The weighted price and quality scores of the proposals proved to be the deciding factors in the choice for Meyvaert.

The wing built in 1995 had air conditioning whereas the other parts the original building did not. A study was dedicated to conditioning the cases in the old part of the building. Our engineers also had to take into account the climatological circumstances during transport. Significant fluctuations in temperature and humidity increased the complexity of the project. The showcase plinths had wood cladding, which had to be properly assembled and transported in conditioned containers. Another noteworthy achievement were the very long desktop paces which required finding the best piston hinged opening solution.

The 2006-2008 refurbishment

In a new project concluded, we produced and installed 50 new custom display cases and we also refurbished the existing Meyvaert cases. For the refurbishment the museum’s wish was to add internal elements, replace the glass and lighting to meet the latest museum technology without changing the case design or opening mechanism.

The new cases included mainly wall cases with pull & slide mechanisms but also hinged opening mechanisms and table cases.


Peranakan Museum


Custom Design





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3D concepts


50+ wall cases, freestanding cases and table cases

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