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Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Presidential Palace

Demountable freestanding display cases in the Presidential Palace

The museum and collection

The Presidential Palace or Qasr Al Watan in Abu Dhabi was opened to the public in March 2019. Its function is to receive dignitaries and prominent guests. Tourists can also visit and are impressed by its opulence, craftsmanship, architecture and size. 

Some of its halls are home to exhibitions that display the influence of Arabian scholarship on civilization and progress, and the Arabian contributions to the arts and sciences. Another collection shows presidential gifts exchanged during state visits.

The assignment

We were selected to supply 36 display cases and 12 plinths. Among the display cases are 12 large free standing cases that are designed to be demountable so that the client has maximum flexibility for future lay-outs. The free standing cases contain items such as medallions, weaponry, musical instruments and traditional clothing.

We also supplied 22 table cases and 2 recessed table cases to display important historical and religious manuscripts. The table cases are equipped with manually operated lifts. All showcases have alarm systems as well as dataloggers to monitor conservation conditions.

The project: challenges & result

Quality, safety and aesthetics were key criteria in this project, and the delivery schedule was very tight. We succeeded in supplying and setting up the cases in time for the opening. The design of the display cases suits the palatial museography well and gives visitors the best opportunity to admire the finest artefacts on display in the  Palace.


Free standing museum display caseFree standing museum display case with medalsFree standing museum display case with religious booksFree standing  display case with musical instruments and table case with bookFree standing display case with musical instruments

Presidential Palace


Custom Design


United Arab Emirates



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Presidential palace




36 bespoke cases

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Photos: Acciona; Irina Ovchinnikova

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