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Ghent - Belgium

STAM City Museum

The museum and collection

We managed the development, production and installation of the exhibition fit-out of the permanent exhibition for Ghent’s new city museum, otherwise known as the STAM. The museum tells the history of the city of Ghent, from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages, through the period of the industrial revolution until today.

The assignment

The works included a 250 m2 back-lit printed glass floor that depicts an aerial view of Ghent, display cases with lighting, graphics, furniture, mounting supports, multimedia exhibitions and interior fittings. The exhibition and interior design were provided by ‘Tijdsbeeld & Pièce Montée’ in Ghent. All contractors had to adhere to a strict time schedule drawn up by the architect, in consultation with the museum, the city council and the other involved parties.

The project: challenges & result

An especially noteworthy creation is the back-lit glass floor that shows the map of Ghent from an aerial perspective. This achievement required three months of thorough study. As a result, this LED technology can now be applied for any type of bespoke glass-graphic requirement.

The project was particularly challenging and rewarding for us, given the complexity of renovating a medieval abbey and monastery. The synergy between the museum, designers and contractors largely contributed to the success of this project collaboration. For this project, we developed a unique LED lighting system for back-lit glass applications.


STAM City Museum


Custom Design





Type of museum

City Museum


Tijdsbeeld & Pièce Montée


Koen Van Nieuwenhuyse


Floor with glass and graphic panels, showcases, signs and seating elements

More info

Photos by Phile Deprez

The realization of STAM was an extensive project and time management was crucial. Meyvaert proved to be a valuable partner in this. The project manager designated by Meyvaert, was always available and tackled any problems that cropped up in a very speedy manner.

Christine De Weerdt
Director STAM

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