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Brussels - Belgium

Train World

The museum and the collection

Train World is the official museum of the Belgian railroads company (NBMS). The 8000 m2 facility is located in the station in the Brussels borough of Schaerbeek. It took 10 years to finish and opened in 2015. The collection holds 22 locomotives, 1200 other artefacts and since September 2019, four paintings by Belgian surrealist Paul Delvaux are on display.

Delvaux was an enthusiast of trains and stations. Gare la Nuit I & II and Gare du Jour I & II were the result of a commission by the Belgian and the French national railway companies in 1963. When the new CEO of NMBS discovered these four paintings in her office, she wanted them to be on display to the public. After a restoration by the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA), Train World in Brussels was chosen as the location to exhibit the works.

The assignment

We were chosen to supply the custom display case for the four paintings. The project comprises one four meter long showcase. The black glass front panel contains four modules and pivots open like a door. It is supported by multi-pivot hinges and by wheels at the bottom. At the back of the door are four separate modules. Each module is equipped with LED spots, passive humidity control and extra white layered security glass. 

The project: challenges & result

The paintings are now on display right next to the very trains depicted in them. With this showcase, we provided Train World with a safe, accessible and aesthetic solution that exhibits the works separately while maintaining their unity.

custom showcase for paintings

Train World


Custom Design





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Expo Duo


1 custom showcase with 4 separate modules

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Photos: Train World/NMBS ; Qltur

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