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Tacoma - USA

Tacoma Art Museum

Infinity modular showcase

The museum and collection

The Tacoma Art Museum is situated in Arizona. One of the latest exhibitions is about the Pilchuck Glass School, which emerged as a world-renowned center for glass art from the 1970's onwards. The TAM's glass collection  casts a spotlight on the unique half-century story of this school and also illustrates how the Northwest became a center for this art form. Showcasing a wide range of forms and techniques, the exhibition reveals how artists responded to the material properties of glass as a metaphor for the human experience and the creative impulse.

The assignment

To securely display the hundreds of glass artefacts, we supplied Infinity showcases. Due to sufficient gallery lighting and  large windows providing substantial daylight, TAM made the choice for Infinity showcases with glass tops. The TAM used the Infinity both as single display cases and as paired configurations. 


Tacoma Art Museum







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