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Nashville, TN - USA

Tennessee State Museum

The museum and collection

In October 2018, the new Tennessee State Museum opened in Nashville. This 137,000-square-foot museum tells the history of Tennessee, from the state‚Äôs natural history to its cultural history and art. Six permanent galleries take visitors through defining eras such as the Civil War. 

The assignment

Contractor D&P had been awarded the fitout project and selected Meyvaert to supply 35 bespoke showcases for the Civil War and Reconstruction gallery. The collections contain weapons, paintings, furniture, textiles and photographs produced by Tennesseans. Projections on some of the larger showcases form a rich multimedia display, which adds to the visitor experience.

We supplied 5 recessed cases, 17 recessed wall cases, 2 freestanding cases, 3 freestanding full height curved cases and 8 drawer showcases. The full height showcases are made from curved MDF and equipped with faceted glass. The space above the glass is used as a projection surface.

Curved MDF display cases with faceted glassLarge display caseRecessed large display case

Tennessee State Museum


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35 bespoke cases

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