Modular & demountable display solution

Infinity showcase system

The Meyvaert Infinity showcase system is both modular and demountable, ideal for your temporary and evolving exhibitions. We designed the system to offer great flexibility and versatility in terms of display options, while conforming to high conservation and security standards. It is also engineered for quick and safe assembly and disassembly, with a minimal amount of components and tools.

A single display case is 900 mm x 900 mm x 2200 mm. The door opens a full 90 degrees, permitting full access even for larger objects.  

Contact us to discuss what configuration best fit your needs.

Glass or solid top

A glass top guarantees maximum transparency.

A solid metal top has 8 integrated and adjustable LED spots which can be combined with fibre optic dropdown spots.


Choose from a wide range of internal options to best present your artefacts:

  • Metal plinths
  • Glass shelves
  • Graphic panels
Different configuration options

Modularity is one of the Infinity's principal qualities. You can create an exact volume around your artefacts and later adjust to a new layout.
Showcases join from just two up to more complex arrangements.

High security frames

These provide additional security. Also used aesthetically to give your exhibition a more robust edge.

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With the Infinity, we offer you the most flexibility and versatility in terms of display options. It is modular, demountable and storable, making it ideal for your ever evolving exhibitions. You can design your exhibition layout according to your exact needs, while not being limited to a specific layout forever. This makes the Infinity a sustainable and future proof investment.


To meet the highest international conservation requirements, Infinity cases are equipped with an externally accessible Prosorb tray hidden from view by a removable kickplinth. This tray compartment can hold two Prosorb cassettes that passively regulate the humidity level inside the display case. The Infinity offers great air tightness. Its AER of 0.1 was tested and confirmed by a study conducted by the University of Ghent.

Capture your audience with projection

In an era of flatscreens and digital signage, your audience has become accustomed to moving graphics. If you want to increase their engagement and immersion, projectors become a self-evident choice. With the optional projector module, we offer you an unprecedented solution to meet these expectations. Just like the Infinity, we engineered the module to be easy to use and modular. 
What’s more, a single projector module also fits configurations of two and three showcases joined side by side. This gives you additional flexibility for your future exhibit designs.

Do you want to know more about how our Infinity projection module adds to your storytelling and enhances your visitor’s experience? Contact our experts to talk about the possibilities.

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