Tailor-made display cases

Wall-standing cases

Wall standing cases are ideal to make the most of the walls in your gallery and guide the visitor through the exhibition.

Our range of wall standing cases offer great flexibility in design. Depending on the dimensions & conservation requirements, we can advise on a suitable design and opening mechanism.

Our display cases are made to order and are also available in anti-reflective glass.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss what solution would best fit your needs.

Glass or solid top & sides

Glass sides guarantee maximum transparency.

Solid sides are perfect to incorporate interior lighting varying from ambient to focused lighting.

Different scaling options

Our wall-standing display cases are available in a wide range of sizes.


You can choose from a wide range of internal options to best present your collection:

  • Plinths
  • Shelves
  • Graphic panels
  • Object mounts and Labels
  • ...

Instead of adding a plinth, you could choose to integrate a base. This allows for greater flexibility in materials & finishes.

Access & ease of use

The most suitable opening mechanism is selected based on the dimensions and positioning of the case, taking into account both aesthetics as well as ease of use. As a rule, our display cases can be opened by a single person.

Possible opening mechanisms are:

  • Hinged doors
  • Sliding doors

If the dimensions of the gallery and the positioning of the wall standing case allow it, we recommend the use of hinged doors because they offer the largest possible access to the object area. Larger-scale cases can be fitted with sliding doors.

Lighting options

Wall-standing display cases can be internally lit from the top or the side by led spots or fibre optic lighting. Alternatively, standing wall cases with glass sides can also be externally lit by gallery lights. Which solution is best, depends on the environment and desired effect. Contact us to discuss options.

Presentation. Preservation. Protection.

The main purpose of a display case is not only to present, but also to preserve and protect the object inside. Our display cases combine structural quality with aesthetic beauty, whilst meeting the highest conservation standards. Passive or active climate control techniques can be used to obtain the best micro-environment for your artefacts. Depending on the conservation requirements, we can advise on a suitable solutions .

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