Experts in display case design. Partner for museums worldwide to PRESENT, PRESERVE & PROTECT their collections by providing easy-to-use & sustainable display solutions.

We are pioneers and industry leaders in museum display solutions. We were established in 1826 and have been delivering high-quality display cases and glazed solutions since 1946. In order to meet and exceed customer needs, we strive to continuously innovate, in terms of presentation, preservation and protection.

The design of our cases are object-centric as the main purpose of a display case is to present, preserve and protect the object inside.

The materials we use, the sealing techniques applied, the climate control options and the tests performed, both by our teams and by independent third parties, are aimed at presenting and preserving your objects in the most functional and aesthetical way.

We translate your vision into a structural & technical design. Based on your requirements, our team of creative and highly-skilled experts will work with you to help shape the solutions to best present, preserve & protect your collection.


The display case design should complement the object and feel effortless in relation to the architecture.

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In order for the case to preserve the object over many years, the display case needs to control the humidity as well as the air renewal within the case and needs to protect the object from Volatile Organic Compounds.

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Our cases are designed to withstand external forces, from theft to earthquakes.

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